I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” Psalm 122:1


      Last Sunday (May 24th) we were able to gather for in person worship for the first time since March 15th (we were out 9 weeks).  It was a blessing to be able to see people you know and love and to be able to worship together.  It was different in that most people had on face mask, had to sit separated from one another, wasn’t able to shake hands or hug one another, and couldn’t hang out before or after service to fellowship with one another.  We had a total of 120 for both services (compared to 488 on Memorial Day weekend last year).  Many people told us that they were planning to wait a little while before they return.  We understand and appreciate the precautions that most people are taking in order to protect themselves.  We ask that you continue to use your best judgment in regards to when you feel safe to return to in person worship services. 


       Everything seemed to go smoothly on Sunday.  We had Greeters and Deacons to welcome and seat attendees.  We were able to practice social distancing, we only sang a couple of songs at the beginning of the service and the sermon was a little shorter than normal.  Again, we are trying to be very considerate of those who are wearing face mask and those who have young children who are not use to sitting through a church service.  We dismissed by rows at the end of the service and were able to clean the worship center and other areas in less than 20 minutes and we were ready for the second service.  We appreciate the positive and encouraging attitudes of those who did attend.


       This Sunday we will also have an 8:45AM and 10:45AM service and we would still ask everybody to make reservations as that really helps us know how to plan and seat people when they come.  We will be observing the Lord’s Supper at the end of our services this week using the dreaded prepackaged communion with the bread and juice together.  This is the safest way to be able to observe communion without passing the trays of bread and juice.  You are welcome to make plans to participate in communion this Sunday by getting some crackers and juice at home if you would like.  Starting in June, we will move our services back to 9:00AM and 10:30AM.  We realized that by shortening the services and being able to get everything cleaned in about 20 minutes, we have plenty of time between services.  We will continue to ask you to make reservations each week and when we get to capacity in the worship center, we will decide the best time to add another service. 


      We continue to ask for your prayers, patience and grace each week.  Please help us by staying at home if you feel sick or have any symptoms (fever, coughing, etc.).  We will continue to have our online services at 10:30AM each week on Facebook, our website, and YouTube.  We still do not know when we will be able to resume small groups and childcare.  Please continue to check on each other.  Some of our shut-ins are lonely and have been pretty isolated the past few months.  I know it is easy to be intentional about checking on people and turn around and realize it has been a month since you talked to a particular person.  If you have that new directory, maybe you could call a page every few days and just let others know you are thinking about them.  Let us love well and please continue to pray that God would send revival to our land.  We love you and hope to see you soon!           

                                                                                                                        Bro. Harold