Therefore, let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.   Romans 14:13


       In case you didn’t know, there is a presidential election on November 3rd.  Because of the COVID pandemic, early voting has already begun.  I thought I would write a blog telling you why I think you should vote for ___________.  Ha!  Obviously, I wouldn’t be dumb (maybe arrogant) enough to do that.  I think Christians should be good stewards of the graces given to us and being able to vote is a privilege that we have as American citizens.  I think we should all vote. 


       While I think we should all vote, I do not think that voting should be a higher priority than loving our neighbors, sharing the gospel, pursuing unity in the church, or pursuing personal holiness.  Sadly, and ashamedly, I would have to admit that I have talked more about COVID and the election than I have talked about Christ the past several months.  I’m sure Satan delights when believers get sidetracked with virus and election discussions and neglect sharing the gospel.  He also loves it when such discussions cause division and strife in the church.  Hopefully, we can all agree that God is bigger than any election and that He will still reign supremely from His throne regardless of whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden resides in the White House.


       I think we should all prayerfully consider who we vote for and the reasons why we vote for who we vote for.  David Platt recently wrote a non-partisan book entitled, “Before You Vote: Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask.”  Platt suggests seven questions to help Christians have a God-honoring mindset when deciding how to vote.  Platt recognizes that Christians who are committed to biblical truth may weigh issues differently and arrive at different decisions on who they can vote for in good conscience.  Platt helps interact with biblical principles (instead of political platforms).  Here are the seven questions suggested by Platt:

  1. Does God call me to vote?
  2. Who has my heart?
  3. What does my neighbor need?
  4. What is the Christian position?
  5. How do I weigh the issues?
  6. Am I eager to maintain unity in the church?
  7. So how do I vote?

       I think these are some important questions to consider in regards to deciding who we will vote for.  I would caution all of us against losing our testimony during the election or pandemic with harsh words or positions.  Yes, we may disagree on issues of conscience, but such disagreements should not cause us to neglect our love for our neighbors or the unity within the body of Christ.  Let us not hinder the work of God for the sake of our opinions, political parties, or personal pride.   


     My desire is to get my eyes back on Jesus and live for His approval more than the approval of others or the convincing of others that my opinions are more “righteous” than theirs.  I certainly don’t want to dishonor Christ by the way I treat others.  In the midst of the election season and a most divisive time, may God grow our empathy and love for one another.  Let us be careful to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, seek His wisdom, vote according to His principles, and trust His sovereignty for the outcome.               


Bro. Harold