Consequently, He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through Him,

since He always lives to make intercession for them.  Hebrews 7:25


       I hope I get to write about lots of “ones” who get saved this year.  I am still super excited about Jay Robinson and his decision to repent and believe in Jesus last week.  Crisa Robinson had Jay as her “one” because Jay is Brandon’s dad.  Al Jennings had Jay as one of his “ones” because he worked with Jay.  Lynda Schunder had Jay as her “one” because of her friendship with Crisa.  Lynda had written Jay a letter telling him she was praying for him and he seemed very thankful for her concerns for him.  I had Jay as one of my “ones” because I had gotten to know him a little as he comes every week with Brandon.  All that to say, it brought much joy to be able to talk to Jay specifically about having a personal relationship with Jesus.  I want everyone of you to experience that same joy when somebody you are praying for comes into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ.  (Don’t forget to call me and tell me about your gospel opportunities with your “one.”)

        I mentioned last week that I wanted to share a praise about a “one” getting saved.  I have shared this story with several of you but I want everybody to hear it.  When I was in Lancaster there was a couple who had been married but had not been able to have any children.  The wife wanted to adopt but the husband was a little reluctant.  Several years ago, God moved them both to consider foster care.  They got the training, home inspections, and started fostering.  They fell in love with a couple of children along the way but each of those children were eventually reunited with their families.  This couple did end up fostering and adopting a little boy in 2018 (our church celebrated with them). 

       In December of 2018, they got a call about a newborn baby that needed a home.  They decided they would take her and they picked her up at the hospital.  The parents had some addictions and were not able to care for any of their children.  In January of 2019, I encouraged everybody to pick somebody they would pray for and seek to lead to the Lord.  After a few weeks, the wife came to me and told me that she felt like God wanted her person to be the baby’s dad.  At that point, he was not meeting any benchmarks to see his baby and was living in addiction.  Honestly, it was hard for her to pray for the baby’s dad because both her and her husband had already bonded with the baby and would love to raise and adopt her in a Christian home.  But, she knew God wanted her to pray for him and specifically to pray for his spirit condition. 

        In 2019 there began to be some changes in the baby’s father.  Although he was far from meeting any benchmarks to see his baby, he began fighting his addictions and there began to be some communications.  After leaving Lancaster, I would occasionally have an opportunity to check and see how things were going and I could tell the baby’s parents were making some slow progress and the baby’s future was uncertain (in regards to adoption or return to family).  To make a long story short, I got a picture and message a few weeks ago on a Sunday night.  It was a picture of the father after he was baptized holding his baby.  This couple had gone to the church where he had been baptized and joined.

       The wife wrote, “He was the one I prayed for when that initiative came out at church last year.”  Even though she couldn’t put his name down, she said God knew who I was praying for.  I was filled with so much joy in not only knowing that this father had been saved, was experiencing victory over his addictions, but also in seeing how God was giving this awesome couple a heart more like His.  God loves the orphans and this couple does too.  God loves the lost, and this couple loved this man enough to pray for him and be there to support him when he was baptized.  That is so Christlike!!!! 

      The last few weeks, I have been reminded of God’s desire and power to save.  He can save to the uttermost all who come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ.  Keep praying and sharing the good news and let us continue to celebrate every life that is changed by the power of the gospel.            


Bro. Harold