We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. John 9:4



       Like many Americans, I woke up a little tired and anxious to see what was happening with the election.  This has been the most divisive election that most of us have ever experienced.  Most of us are past tired of the political ads, mailings and phone calls.  We recognize how divided our country is in regards to issues, candidates, and ideologies.  Writing this on Wednesday morning, all indications point to a very chaotic week filled with lawsuits and allegations before the dust settles (which was probably to be expected in the year 2020).  Regardless of the final outcome, about half of the country is going to be excited and the other half is going to be frustrated and discouraged.    


       Without debate, I can say 2020 has been the most distracting and disrupting year I can remember.  Covid-19, shut-downs, quarantines, masks, elections, accusations, fake news, business interruptions, and social distancing has become a part of our daily vocabulary.  Personally, I feel like my evangelistic efforts have been minimal.  Wearing a mask, keeping distance, and general uneasiness makes gospel conversations more difficult.  Increasing number of Covid cases has kept in-person worship attendance at about 50% or less of our pre-Covid attendance.  Despite all of the distractions, we realize the Lord has a mission for His church. 


       A pastor friend of mine, Ray Woodie, shared a post this morning reminding us of a four-fold mandate that Christ has for His church.  It was a helpful reminder for me and I thought I would share those four words (mandates) with you. 


  1. Worship: Jesus is worthy to be worshipped today, tomorrow, and forever.  Regardless of who wins the election, Jesus is our Lord and Savior and He is worthy of all praise.
  2. Walk: Jesus invites us to walk with Him (follow Him) through the good times and the bad times. We are to walk as He walked (with love, serving and ministering to others).
  3. Work: Jesus invites us to join Him in His work.  There are people around us who are hurting, discouraged, hopeless, struggling, lonely, and lost.  We are surrounded by opportunities to share and show the love of Christ to those who are hurting.
  4. Witness: people need the Lord. People are separated from God in their sins and Jesus has died on the cross to provide a means of forgiveness and salvation to those who will repent and believe.  The gospel saves during a pandemic, election, and any other time. 


       I think the church has been disrupted enough.  It’s time to get refocused on the mission.  I want to be intentional about refocusing on loving God, loving others, and making disciples.  The enemy has caused enough distractions in 2020.  I’m going to pray for my “ones” and look for opportunities to share Christ with them.  I’d love to encourage you to have a gospel conversation with your “one.”  I want to encourage you to shift gears and get back to work for Christ (whatever that may look like in your life).  Invite people to join you for worship.  Share our online services with your friends.  Pray for your neighbors.  Talk to your coworker about the Lord.  Have gospel conversations with your children.  Call some our widows and shut-ins and see how they are doing.    


       We still have about 8 weeks in 2020.  Let’s make the most of these weeks.  How does God want you to worship, walk, work and witness for Him in these next few weeks?  Start now!  May God give us a productive and fruitful November and December for His glory!               


Bro. Harold