“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”  Matthew 9:37-38                    


       This week I have been praying more earnestly for the Lord to raise up more laborers to help us with the Gospel to Every Home initiative and those who will continually share the gospel in our community and beyond.  As I mentioned Sunday, I’m really excited about how the Lord might bless our efforts.  I hope you are participating in the 40 Days of Prayer leading up to our distribution of these gospel materials.  This morning, I was reading about God’s movement in Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  They have had over 1,000 baptism since Dec. 13, 2020.  The pastor, Robby Gallaty, noted, “This is a genuine move of God.  He gets all the glory.  The Lord has shown me that prayer births revival, and revival births prayer.  It’s like adding logs to the fire.”  I believe that if we pray in faith asking God to move in our church, He will answer us in ways we cannot imagine.  So, I’m praying for God to move in my heart, your heart, and to prepare the hearts around our neighborhood to receive and respond to the gospel this summer. 

       I’m also praying for us as a body of believers that we might be and remain unified in the mission of Christ.  It has been my experience in past churches, when God begins to move in unusual ways and people start coming to faith and getting excited about following Jesus, the enemy starts sowing seeds of discord.  Please be on guard against the schemes of the enemy.  The enemy will try to feed our selfish desires and we will be tempted to proclaim our preferences over the mission of God.  God wants us to love Him, love others, and make disciples.  Loving ourselves and our preferences isn’t in God’s equation.  I have to remind myself of that truth often.  Sometimes, others have to graciously remind me.  As God brings Guests to our church and adds members to our church, let us focus on growing His kingdom and helping grow and mature new believers in the faith.  As we pray for laborers, also pray that we will stay unified in making disciples and be on guard against any divisive plots of the enemy. 

       I have been encouraged by some of the support offered in regards to taking the gospel to our community.  Faye Wainscott is helping map our area and identifying streets and homes.  Our Pastoral Care Council is willing to coordinate our pray and pack times for the materials (Sun. May 2nd at 3:00pm and Mon. May 17th at 1:00pm).  Several of our Bible study leaders and groups are going through some of the evangelistic Bible studies.  Our Mission Council and Deacons have shared their support in participating in this effort.  A couple of our Bible study groups have already asked about getting some evangelism training.  That response is exciting and I welcome opportunities to provide evangelism training to whoever is willing to participate.

       We are adding a place on our website for those of you who are willing to participate in the Gospel to Every Home initiative.  You can sign up to participate and indicate if you feel comfortable leading a group of 2-3 people in distributing gospel materials or if you prefer to go with somebody who is more comfortable in having gospel conversations.  Also, there will be a place to indicate if you would like to receive some evangelism training.  We want to equip and support you as you participate with us in getting the gospel to the homes in our community.  If you want to be looking at some dates to participate, we are going to have a couple gospel distributions before VBS (Wed. June 2nd from 7-9 and Sat. June 5th from 10-12 Noon).  We will have a night during VBS (Wed. June 9th from 6:30-8:00) when VBS parents can participate.  We will have several other dates in June and July. 

       Again, I can’t wait to see how God might bless our efforts.  I’m praying for God to raise you up and send you out.  Let us know (online or call the office) as soon as you know.  He wants you to participate and we will prepare you for our Gospel Army (even provide you with a t-shirt). Thank you in advance for your participation. To God be the glory! 


Bro. Harold