I’ve been thinking about what Paul asked the church in Ephesus to pray for him in Ephesians 6:19, “that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel.” Of all the things that Paul might have requested prayer for, it amazes me that he wanted more boldness in his gospel witness. If you pray for me (I hope you do), I would love for you to pray that I would be bolder in my witness of the gospel.
Being new to a community sometimes makes it difficult to find opportunities to share your faith. At the same time, I just moved into a new neighborhood so I really should have all kinds of opportunities. As a matter of fact, I’ve already met several neighbors and have been able to invite several to church. We all have opportunities all around if we really want them.
What if we prayed for greater boldness for each other in our witness? What if we prayed for boldness and God answered our prayers? In Acts 17:6, the disciples were accused of “turning the world upside down” for Jesus. Wouldn’t it be awesome for BBC to be so bold in our witness for Christ that we turned Boone County upside down for Christ. Some wouldn’t like it. (The Jews didn’t care for it in the first century.) But, think about the kingdom impact we could have! Isn’t that exciting to think about?
On Wednesday evenings we are learning some evangelistic strategies (3 Circles, personal testimonies, pray and go, etc.) to help us share our faith. As was mentioned last week, prayer is such an integral part of evangelism. Let’s continue to pray for opportunities to share our faith and for the lost living in and around our community. Let’s add “boldness” to our prayers for one another and see how God answers our prayers. Lord, start with me!

To God be the glory!

Bro. Harold