Therefore, you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.  Matt. 24:44


       As difficult and wearisome as 2020 has been, the weeks are flying by and we are in the 46th week of 2020.  We started the year identifying somebody (our “one”) that we would pray for and seek to have a gospel conversation with this year.  Now is the time to have that conversation.  2 Corinthians 6:2 says, “Behold, now is the favorable time; now is the day of salvation.”  Although COVID-19 has frustrated many of our plans, including some evangelistic opportunities, we know that people still need the Lord and that God still desires to save the lost.  God is still at work in the midst of the pandemic.  For example, New Reality Church and Life Recovery Center in Florence (they minister to many who are battling addictions and other life’s hurts, habits and hang ups) have celebrated 22 baptisms this year.  (Praise the Lord!)

      At some point, we have to put some labor and intentionality behind our prayers.  We need to pray and initiate some gospel conversations.  I would be thrilled to help you.  Let me know how I can pray for you as you prepare to engage your “one.”  Let me know if I can better equip you or provide you with some resources.  Let me know if I can go with you to talk to your “one” about the gospel.  Let me know when you have an opportunity to have a gospel conversation.  Now is the time.  None of us are guaranteed another day or another opportunity to turn to the Lord. 

      While going through the preaching series about cultural Christianity, I thought a lot about church attenders who may not have a genuine relationship with Jesus.  You might come to church, you might look like other Christians, but you might not have the assurance of being saved.  I would love to help you in regards to having a relationship with Christ.  I’m going to be preaching revival services at Bethel Baptist in Harrodsburg Nov. 15th-18th.  I’ll be challenging the church to turn their eyes back to Jesus and seek to have an impact on their community.  I want us to do the same.  I want to be more concerned about the lost and especially any who might be attending Burlington Baptist or watching our services online. 

      So, COVID-19 has disrupted enough.  Now is the time to proclaim the gospel.  We have nearly 140 people we are praying for.  If we are truly praying and seeking opportunities to share Christ, we would be seeing some of them saved.  We believe Jesus is coming back one of these days.  We don’t know when but we know that it could be anytime.  Many of the people around us are not ready for the Lord’s return.  Many are still lost in their sins and have never repented and believed upon Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.  We want to make sure they understand the love of Christ and His free offer of salvation to all who will call upon His name in faith.         

      Every 11 seconds somebody in North America dies and it is estimated that 3 out of 4 are lost.  Hell is real and many are on the road leading to hell.  The North American Mission Board (NAMB) statistics tell us that 68% of Boone County are un-churched, de-churched, un-reached, or spiritually lost.  Church, now is the time to share the gospel.  James tells us that life is but a vapor and quickly vanishes away.  Our days are numbered.  It is not the time to get comfortable, lazy or selfish.  Let us pray, let us be bold, and let us open our mouths with the good news. 

     May God bring an unexpected harvest these last 6 weeks of 2020.  May 2020 turn out to be the best year ever for some lost souls who come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  Now is the time.  Please pray for me next week as I preach this revival.  I’m expecting God to do some God-sized things for His glory.  Let me know how things are going with your “one.”       


Bro. Harold