Outdo one another in showing honor.  Romans 12:10


       We have been talking about creating a church culture that brings glory to God!  This week I would like to encourage us to have a culture of grace and of honoring others.  We know that we come into God’s family by the gift of God’s amazing grace.  As such, we should always be looking for ways to show and extend the grace and kindness of God to others.  Jesus gives us a parable of a man who was forgiven of a debt that he could have never been able to repay and then he goes and demands repayment from a guy who owed him a small debt.  When the guy with the small debt was unable to repay him, the guy who had been released from the huge debt had him thrown into prison.  We read that and are amazed at the lack of gratitude and grace displayed by this guy who had been forgiven of so much.

       God has forgiven our sins and given us the hope of eternity.  None of us deserve the gracious gift of salvation and yet we are often slow to show grace to others.  We are often easily offended.  We are often slow to forgive.  Let us not be like the ungrateful guy in Jesus’ parable.  Rather, let us have a culture of grace where we look for opportunities to show a taste of the grace that God has shown to us.  I know that I blow it a lot in so many areas and I sure appreciate it when others extend grace and kindness to me.  Generosity and grace are closely related.  Jesus said it was more blessed to give than to receive.  It is a blessing to show grace to others (when we don’t think they deserve it).  Are you a grace giver???   

       Romans 12:10 says to “outdo one another in showing honor.”  Most of us like to be honored and yet the challenge from Scripture is to show honor to others.  Just think what the church would look like if we were always trying to honor and encourage others.  Lots of people need some encouragement and there are so many ways to give encouragement.  Sometimes, a timely word of encouragement is such a blessing.  This week I got an encouraging card and an encouraging text on the same day.  Little notes of kindness spur us on.  Who can you encourage today?  Think about some of those behind the scenes folks that get little recognition or acknowledgement.  I know they don’t serve for the recognition, but some encouragement is always welcomed.  Let’s go share some grace and kindness to others.  Let’s make that part of our culture.  Ready, set, GO!        Blessings!               

                                                                                                                         Bro. Harold