For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.  Luke 2:11


       This month we have talked about what Christ came to earth to accomplish on our behalf.  The more I have studied His redemption, propitiation, justification, forgiveness, and reconciliation, the more glorious He has become to me.  I have been reminded that I was a slave to sin, living under the wrath of God, guilty in my sin, and an enemy of God.  Jesus left the glory of heaven and came to earth to rescue me (and you).  Even though 2020 has prevented us from doing many of the things that we love, it cannot keep up from worshipping and proclaiming the incarnation of our Lord Jesus.     

       On Monday morning, I got my church directory out and began to write down names of some of our elderly members who have not been able to return to church since Covid.  I wanted to try to call as many as possible this week and just wish them a Merry Christmas.  I did not realize just how many of our folks that list included.  We miss so many of you and want to stay connected through online services, mailing out newsletters/prayer request, one call messages, cards, and calls.  If you feel like we haven’t done enough to stay connected with you, please forgive us.  Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do for you.  We do want to be here for you if you have needs or just need to talk or have somebody pray for you.  Please let us know! 

       I want to thank you for the love and encouragement you have provided for my family this year.  I appreciate all the cards, calls, inquiries and meals that many of you sent when Jenny had surgery on Dec. 1st.  My daughter, Katelyn, was pleasantly surprised by the number of cards she received when she had Covid.  It blesses me to have a church family that cares about my family.  While 2020 has been a difficult year for so many, Jenny and I feel blessed to be a part of Burlington Baptist.  You have overwhelmed us with love and support this year.  Thank you!

       While we haven’t been able to do many of our normal activities, outreaches, and events this year, we long to do more to reach out to our community in 2021.  We didn’t see as many salvations this year as we were hoping and praying for but we will continue to shine the light of Christ as brightly as possible.  We also long to be able to shake your hand, offer a hug when needed, eat a meal together and just love on each other.  I know that being away from church has been so hard on many of you.  Hopefully these vaccines will help get this virus under control and many of you will be able to return soon.  I can’t wait to worship together with you!

       We want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.  Jesus is our great hope and He is the reason we celebrate Christmas!  We want our neighbors, family, friends, and the whole world to know about the love, mercy, and grace of our great God.  May we be intentional about sharing the good news of the gospel every time we get an opportunity.    

       Thank you again, Burlington Baptist, for your love, support, and encouragement.  You are a very special group of people and it is such an honor and privilege to serve as your pastor.  I look forward to serving with you in 2021.  My family wants to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and we pray for God’s special blessings for you in 2021.  Come let us worship and adore Him, Christ our Lord! 


Lots of love in Christ,

Bro. Harold & Jenny