The next 3 weeks I’m going to be preaching about what it looks like to make disciples.  We have been discussing a “discipleship process” to help people (especially new believers and/or new members) have a visual for what it looks like to grow as a disciple of Jesus.  This week, we will be talking about the first step which is “Come and Worship.”  Obviously, we want to go and share the good news of the gospel with the hope that some will hear about Jesus and what He accomplished for us on the cross and the resurrection from the grave and want to respond in faith.  Often, we not only seek to have gospel conversations, but we also invite people to come to church.  We want them to come and hear about Jesus and our desire is for them to know and love God.  Our Sunday morning services provide a good first step for people to come and worship.  Some come and hear the good news for the first time while others come to worship the Lord and mature in their knowledge and love for God.  Our weekly worship gathering is an important part of our discipleship process and we will try to get a little deeper into that this Sunday. 

     Once somebody comes into a faith relationship with Jesus, we want them to “Connect and Grow.”  It is so important for new members to get connected to other believers through small group Bible studies.  I think we often grow best when we are able to grow together in the Lord.  We have some excellent Bible study leaders and Bible study groups.  The groups not only dive into the word together each week, many of them get together for fellowship and ministry projects.  If you are a Sunday morning only person and are not in a smaller group, you need to take the next step and get connected with a group.  We would love to help you take that next step and we have several new groups starting right now.  Let us know if we can help you get connected with a group.

      The next step is to take what you know and “Go and Serve.”  We might call this the bear fruit step.  You have heard the gospel and responded in faith.  Now it is time for you to go share the good news with others and introduce them to our Lord Jesus.  We also want to serve the world through missions and service.  There are so many opportunities for serving others.  You can serve others here in Burlington by participating in the church’s ministries and outreaches (like Upward basketball, food distribution, racetrack meals, etc.).  You could serve around the country through World Changers, Disaster Relief, and some of the mission opportunities organized by the church.  You can serve the world through international mission trips and support.  While nobody can do everything, everybody can do something.  We want to help you take that next step. 

       In the Great Commission, Jesus said to “go and make disciples.”  We want to be faithful in our disciple-making processes.  We want to be growing as His disciple and bringing others along in their personal discipleship.  Would you consider what is your next step in this discipleship process.  We would love to help you take that step or encourage you as you help others take their next step.  May God bless our disciple-making efforts.  Ready for your next step???


Bro. Harold