For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.  1 Cor. 12:23


       I have often heard the statement, “We are better together.”  I think that statement applies to a local church and applies to a group of churches working together.  I’ve seen groups at BBC work together to set up an area for a meal, clean up after a big event, do ministry projects together, and accomplish so many things that would have taken forever for one or two people to complete alone.  This week, I’ve seen people from all over the state come together to serve and minister to people in western Kentucky through Disaster Relief.  A team of 15 can cut up some trees and clean up a yard in a few hours that would take one or two individuals several days to get clean up by themselves. 

       I think God brings us together as a church body and desires for us to work together as we seek to accomplish His mission.  What could we do better together in 2022?  I think my personal spiritual growth increases when I’m studying and having spiritual dialogue with others.  So, discipleship is better when we do it together.  If we want to take the gospel to every home, we are definitely better together.  If we have 50 groups (of two or three), and each group visited 50 homes, we could easily cover 2,500 homes.  However, if we only have 5 groups and they make twice as many visits (100), they will still only be able to cover 500 homes.  We definitely need to work together on taking the gospel to every home.

      If we want to see somebody saved and baptized every week at BBC, we must work together.  If each of us will identify one person and faithfully pray for that person and seek opportunities to speak to them about the Lord, we would regularly see people saved.  Will you identify somebody to pray for in 2022?  Our various councils (like Missions, Activities, Pastoral Care, Facilities, etc.), are more effective when each member participates.  “Together” is a good word for us to consider in 2022.  “Together” is so much better than “alone.”      

       If you are not connected with a group (Bible study or ministry group), I would love to help you get connected in 2022.  I would love for you to be in a Bible study group in which you are making some spiritual progress.  I would love to help you find a ministry area where you can serve.  Lots of folks get started on one of our First Impressions teams.  Most of us can smile and offer a kind word of welcome.  Our First Impressions teams just serve once a month and provides an encouraging ministry opportunity.  If you are gifted in other areas (children, students, music, maintenance, organization, etc.), please let us know and we can try to find some opportunities that would allow you to use the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed you with.     

       I’m looking forward to 2022.  BBC has such a good core group of believers and God added a number of good folks to our church in 2021.  As we walk together in unity, seek to serve the Lord together, and faithfully reach out to our friends and neighbors, God will continue to use us to have an impact on our community.  Let us pray for God’s hand of blessing and remember, “we are better together.”  May God’s blessing and favor be upon you in 2022.  Happy new year!


Bro. Harold