This year we have been praying for 52 baptisms at BBC.  I’m not usually big on pushing numbers but there is realization that our Southern Baptist churches are reaching and baptizing fewer and fewer each year.  For example, Southern Baptist churches baptized 349,737 in 2009 but only 246,442 in 2018.  Kentucky Baptist baptized 15,335 in 2009 but only 10,642 in 2018.  Those are very significant decreases given the increased population.  I want us to be aware of the lostness around us and to be intentional about praying for the lost and looking for opportunities to engage them with the gospel. 

       Long-term, we want to put more emphasis on discipleship.  Jesus’ command in the Great Commission is to go and “make disciples.”  We have started talking about defining a “discipleship process” in our staff meetings.  Basically, we want to help people take the next step in their spiritual journey.  There are various “disciple processes” but most of them seek to help people know God (through worship), get connected (through life groups), make disciples (through small Discipleship groups) and then go out and impact their world (through missions and evangelism). 

       Through the discipleship process, leaders are developed and believers begin to bear fruit.  A discipleship process takes time to develop and even longer to move people along the pathway.  While the results aren’t immediate, they are so important for the life and fruitfulness of the church.  We will be communicating more about discipleship opportunities in the future.  I would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping us develop the process.  Brad Rathbun is going to help us as a Discipleship Director.  He has already started to lead our men’s ministry and has some good ideas for men’s discipleship, activities, and accountability.  We realize that we want to have a discipleship process for the whole church and not just for our men.  

       I would like to share a few key areas where we could use some assistance.


  • Foundations Teacher – this person will teach Foundational classes for new believers. Often new believers are hesitant to get into a life group or Bible study because they do not feel like they know enough of the basics about Christianity and the Bible.  Our Foundational classes would cover basic issues like prayer, Bible study, God, and basic theology.
  • Assimilation Director – this person will help every new member find a place to get connected.
  • Life Groups Leader – this person will help us train life group leaders (especially new life group leaders) and help us evaluate the need for new life groups. This person will work with the Church Enrichment Council to survey current life group involvement and future needs.
  • Women’s Ministry Leader – this person will help coordinate women’s activities and discipleship opportunities. We have had a team of women working together on our women’s ministries, but we need a lady who is willing to lead this effort.
  • MOPS Leaders (Mothers of Preschoolers) – we do not currently have any leaders for our MOPS program. We realize that MOPS has been an asset and blessing to both the church and other mothers with preschoolers so we would like to find a couple of ladies who would be interested in leading this effort. 

If you would be interested in getting more details about one of these ministry areas, please feel free to contact me or call the church office.  We’ve got lots of work to do in the area of discipleship and we hope you are ready to take a step in your spiritual growth. 

      Keep praying for 52 and praying for your “one.”  Easter time is a great time to talk to people about the Lord and what He accomplished on the Cross!                               Bro. Harold