Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.  Jer. 33:3                    


       I think most of us would agree that America needs revival.  There is so much division, strife, turmoil, and unrest in our land.  The guilty verdict for former police officer Derek Chauvin was announced yesterday.  The impact of George Floyd’s death (now murder) affected a lot of people within the past year and we have witnessed both protest and violence around the country.  The jury was presented with the evidence (from the prosecution and the defense) and was unanimous in their verdict.  Most agree that justice was served yesterday and hopefully the healing process can begin for the country as a whole.  Let’s continue to pray for the racial and political divides in America.  As Christians, we know the greatest need can only be brought about by our Lord Jesus Christ.            

       As Kentucky Baptist we try to cooperate with about 2,360 other Kentucky Baptist churches to impact our state with the gospel.  The biggest initiative of the Kentucky Baptist Convention this year is the Gospel to Every Home.  I’ve been talking and writing a lot about this lately and have been encouraged by the feedback and expected participation from Burlington Baptist.  I was able to do some evangelism training with Ann Conley’s ladies’ group on Monday and was blessed to see their desire to be equipped to have gospel conversations and their willingness to help pack and distribute gospel materials. 

       The President of the Kentucky Baptist Convention (elected annually) this year is Pastor Wes Fowler.  Wes has become a good friend.  I have seen his heart to reach lost people and God has gifted him with strong leadership abilities.  Wes has recently traveled around Kentucky asking churches to consider having some type of revival or outreach event this year.  Over the years, I have been able to host revivals and have had the privilege of preaching several revivals.  Twenty years ago, many churches had one or two revivals every year (Spring and Fall).  Revival services can be encouraging to the church and can often be used to invite lost people to hear the gospel.  Revivals are being held less and less by churches because people are busy and revival services are often not well attended. 

       I talked about churches in decline on Sunday.  A couple of factors contributing to the decline in our churches is that most churches have ceased having organized outreach and most have stopped having revivals or special outreach events.  I understand that cultures change and evangelistic methodologies sometimes have to change as well.  However, if you stop your outreach programs and don’t replace them with anything else, it is likely that you are going to reach less people and continue towards decline.  Yes, a great commitment to the Great Commission will build a great church.  Taking the Gospel to every home will move us towards being a great commission church! 

       In addition, we are going to have a revival Aug. 29th through Sept. 1st.  Pastor Ray Woodie will be preaching our revival.  Ray serves as the Pastor at Coral Hill Baptist Church in Glasgow, Kentucky.  I got to know Ray while serving on the search committee for the KBC Executive Director.  I am excited about Ray coming in August as I am sure he will be a blessing to our church.  This summer we will have special times of prayer for this revival and I will be encouraging each of you to mark your calendar and plan on attending and inviting others.   

      I believe the Lord is coming back one of these days.  There are so many people around us who are lost and need to hear the gospel.  Let’s continue to pray for laborers.  Let’s continue to pray for our “ones” to be saved.  Let’s continue to pray for our gospel outreach efforts this summer.  Please join me in praying for these four days of revival this fall.  May the Lord bless our efforts and may we be able to rejoice together when He brings a harvest of souls! 


Bro. Harold